Lau Fau Shan Oyster Farm 流浮山 蠔場

Lau Fau Shan Oyster Farm 流浮山 蠔場

Love oysters but can’t eat them raw? You’ll thank the people who live along China’s southeastern coast then! They love them dried. You can pan-fry these oysters, or cook them with other ingredients to give the dish an umami punch. 

So how do you harvest and dry these oysters? We visited one of Hong Kong’s oldest oyster farms to learn their secrets. 

00:00 What are dried oysters?
01:27 How do you farm oysters?
03:12 Sun-drying them 
04:09 Years of hard work 

Producer: Cassie Fei
Videographer: César del Giudice, Cassie Fei, Shanshan Kao
Narration: Tiffany Ip
Editor: Ryan Yip

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