HKU 100 香港大學百周年特輯

TVB 《香港大學百周年特輯:百載恩 ‧ 香港情》
陳志雲監製 播放日期:2011年12月18日

香港大學百周年主題歌 - 明我以德 Brighten Me with Virtues

曲:許冠傑 (1972年 社會科學學院(心理學系))
詞:林夕 (原名梁偉文) (1984 中文學院, 1986年 哲學碩士)
編:周博賢 (1994年 法律系(LLB, PCLL))

主唱:謝安琪 (2005年 文學院)、許廷鏗 (2012年 牙醫)

路 前人踏過 用見識為我點燈

時代在變 未變的是我的根
在這裡磨利眼光 敞開我心

明我以德 明我以堅貞的勇敢
無論 長夜再深

道 由人自創 用我心 覓我的真
明辨事理 像聖火 滅了再生
上世紀傳下世紀 鑑古創今

Brighten Me with Virtues(A translation)

The Road, made by those who walked before us, kindles a flame with insight,
Knowledge enlightening our souls,
With a spirit of exploration we seek after wisdom.
Seasons change, but our heritage remains.
This journey of a hundred years has nurtured us,
Sharpened our vision and broadened our horizon.

Brighten us with virtues; Brighten us with the clarity and perseverance of courage.
Let wisdom be our shield,
Guard our intellect as we tread the path,
Even through the darkest night our spirit remains ablaze,
Abounding in truth - this is our motto.
Standing fast against the wind and storm - this is our motto.

We blaze a trail, following our hearts, pursuing truth;
Seeking insight, we build the future.
With wisdom, we embrace freedom and commitment,
Discerning right from wrong, like the holy fire, burning ever brighter when challenged.
The world advances, a heritage built by generations.
From the last hundred years to the next,
We learn from history, we create history.

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