BBC The Story of China 中国故事

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BBC Documentary - The Story of China 中国故事 6 Episodes
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Michael Wood embarks on a great historical adventure, exploring the stories, people and landscapes that have helped create China’s distinctive character and genius over four thousand years.

The Story of China 中国故事  請點選:

Episode 1 - Ancestors 祖先
Episode 2 -The Silk Road and the Big Ships 丝绸之路

Episode 3 - The Golden Age 黄金时代
Episode 4 - The Ming 明王朝

Episode 5 - The Last Empire 最后的帝国
Episode 6- Age of Revolution 革命时代

Old Hong Kong 老香港

The Beauty of China 中国之美

Provence, France 馬賽-里昂

Romantic Danube 華沙 - 慕尼黑

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