Discovery How China Works 運行中國

Discovery How China Works 運行中國 Episode 1 城市變遷

Discovery How China Works 運行中國 Episode 2 科技與創新

Discovery How China Works 運行中國 Episode 3 民生與願景

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Architect Danny Forster hosts this series which uncovers China’s most ambitious projects and technological innovations, and provides insight into the Chinese society. Witness how things are done in the world’s most populous country. How does innovation thrive? What new ideas and trends are emerging? Could local innovations one day become global traditions? Whether it’s investigating the world’s fastest trains, exploring the technology behind WeChat - China’s most successful smartphone app, or building and operating the world’s biggest machinery, Danny meets some of the country’s brightest minds in an attempt to understand HOW CHINA WORKS.

Discovery頻道紀錄片《運行中國》開播- 快訊-文匯網2014年12月29日 ... 为讲述奋斗崛起中的中国故事,美国Discovery探索频道拍摄了三集纪录片《How China Works》(中文名: 運行中國 ),分别从“城市化进程”、“科技与 ...

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