Childhood Memories 童年印記

Childhood Memories in Hong Kong   歌曲:童年

我們的童年,正值嬰兒潮世代 (1946 - 1964) 很少家庭有雪櫃、電視、電話、洗衣機。電影和相片都是黑白的。玩具是汽水蓋、香烟盒、公仔紙、波子、石頭、橡筯...

Our childhood coincided with the baby boomers period (1946-1964). Very few families have a refrigerator, TV, telephone or washing machine. Films and photographs are black and white. Toys are bottle caps, cigarette boxes, folklore cards, marbles, pebble stones, rubber bands...

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Aerial Virtual Tour of Hong Kong  香港的空中虛擬旅遊
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